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  When you view, seemingly unintelligible artwork, do you try to interpret the piece? Do you question the artist’s intentions? If the artwork doesn’t make sense to you right away, do you simply dismiss it? Some artwork requires further inspection in order to fully grasp the meanings and understand the symbolism. Sometimes, this extra effort can be quite rewarding, even bringing you closer to God.  
  At first glance my artwork may grab your attention, but it is designed to do far more than provide superficial entertainment. As you view the enclosed artwork, I challenge you to accept the messages within, as from the Lord. For, it was through the guidance of the Holy Spirit that these pieces were created; I dutifully call upon Him when creating artwork. Though I am a sinner indeed, our Lord may choose to use my artwork as a means to enlighten you. Try not to rush through the collection. Instead, if time permits, relax with a particular piece and allow the artwork to be a tool, enabling a deep awareness of the Lord. Here, in a meditative state, the Lord will speak to you. Sometimes, listening can be difficult, so I offer these pieces as an aid for you. Please be open to His call.  
  Jesus taught with parables, but he did not provide an explanation for each of them. I, too, will limit the explanation of my artwork. This will provide insight on the possibilities of interpretation, without restricting your imagination in discerning other pieces. There are likely, a multitude of explanations for each piece, with the ideal interpretation being one that most effectively helps you in your journey through life. Delve into, and discover the meanings of the pieces as they apply to your particular situation.  
  In heaven, I feel certain we will be able to step into this artwork and look around. What you see now is only a glimpse of an eternal, creative play land. There will be so much more beauty and creativity in heaven. Don’t miss the real show! But, for now, enjoy the artwork, and use it for your spiritual gain.  
  I ask that you pray for me and my family. I have already prayed for you and your loved ones and I will continue to do so. I offer special prayers for those who view my artwork. May you come to know Christ more intimately and may He bless you abundantly.  
  I offer the following explanation of  "Oasis"  

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Red as the blood, shed for our sins,
Untouchable, touchable calm of the winds

Oasis for all those who hunger and thirst,
The truth to be shown them, with joy will they burst

Prayerful the one, who leans to the Savior,
Shining in spirit, of which He finds favor

But sad is the Lord, over hatred and evil,
Fire consumes, on the day of upheaval

  The typical scene that comes to mind when thinking of an oasis is that of a small fertile area in a vast desert. The inviting oasis is often shown with palm trees and a water source, providing shade and comfort. Relying on this basic imagery, it is my intention to portray Jesus Christ as the true oasis. Our Lord is a refuge from difficulties. He is the calming presence in life, a sanctuary of hope for the despairing. “Oasis” is a call from our Lord to recognize and accept His constant help in our lives.  
  The three palm trees are symbolic of the three crosses at Calvary. Christ’s crucifixion is an image of love and hope, not despair. The palm trees are red, representing the Blood of Christ, as explained in the verse from the accompanying poem “Red as the blood shed for our sins”.  
  Our God is all powerful and could be distant and mighty. Yet, because of his great love, he humbled himself and walked among us. He freely accepted death at the hands of men, so that He could be with us for eternity. It’s not so much that He is allowing us to be with Him for eternity. It’s more that He truly loves us and wants to be with us, forever. As a result of His crucifixion, and His true presence in the Holy Eucharist, we are firmly united to Christ through love. “Untouchable, touchable”, describes the quality of being almighty and yet, spiritually and physically accessible.  
  Maybe our Lord is speaking to you now through the imagery and poetry of “Oasis”. As your awareness of our Lord’s very real presence in your life is increased, ask Him for the grace to hear His call and respond well.  
  Notice that only the middle tree, representing Christ, is not affected by the wind. Only Christ can bring true calm, true peace - “Calm of the winds”. Likewise, Christ alone is the answer for all who seek truth. When truth is found, Christ is found. When Christ is found, joy is found. Similarly, when an oasis is found, we experience joy. In heaven, all is perfect, and our joy will be flawless too - “Oasis for all those, who hunger and thirst, the truth to be shown them, with joy will they burst.  
  The palm tree on the left, leaning toward Christ, represents the repentant thief. Conversely, the tree on the right, depicting the bad thief, repels away from Christ. Notice too, the shadow of the good thief is formed in the shape of praying hands, whereas the shadow of the bad thief is shown as a flame of fire - “Prayerful the one who leans to the savior, shining in spirit, of which He finds favor. But sad is the Lord over hatred and evil, fire consumes on the day of upheaval.” The thieves are represented as historical figures. However, their standing with Christ is a theme that we should consider in our own lives. Am I repentant or do I find myself rejecting Christ?  
  In “Oasis”, the water yields to Christ. This is a revealing beauty of heaven, where we will be able to enjoy infinite beauty of water, yet it will not be a necessity for our sustenance. Christ is the source and sustainment of all life. Reinforcing the theme of Christ’s divinity, the central tree is elevated, showing His dominion over the natural world.  
  It is evident, through this preceding explanation of “Oasis”, that the poetry is used to support the interpretation of the picture. This holds true for all of the painting - poem combinations. Likewise, if further understanding of the poetry is desired, the accompanying image should be used for assistance. Do not allow the artwork to become difficult or frustrating. Instead, relax, enjoy, and be open to the Lord’s call through the artwork. If you desire a full explanation of each piece, it will be waiting for you in heaven. I hope to be your tour guide. Please pray for me.  
  Take a moment now to thank Jesus Christ for enduring the passion and death of the cross, that you might have eternal life with Him. The image of Christ crucified is the perfect image of love. It cannot be replaced. I simply offer “Oasis”, and all of my artwork, as assistance for increasing your love of God. It is my sincere hope that this artwork helps you become more acutely aware of Our Lord’s presence in your life.  
  “Lord, please grant special graces to those who view this artwork. Assist them in living your will. Help them to accept your guidance throughout their lives, so they may join you in your eternal kingdom of heaven. Amen.”  

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